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Frequently Asked Questions about the Mercedes-Event in Hattingen

Erstellt am 1. Januar 2023

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The LWL-Industriemuseum has set out to make its buildings and offers accessible to all people - with or without disabilities. The measures range from improving the infrastructure to educational offers such as inclusive guided tours.

Achieving barrier-free access is very important to the LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte Hattingen, but is often difficult and, above all, only gradually to be implemented in an approx. 50.000 square meter former blast furnace from the 20th century, which is a listed building. A unique, listed location like the Henrichshütte needs individual solutions.

The museum has its own parking lot opposite the entrance with over 180 parking spaces for cars. There are six signposted parking spaces for people with disabilities, 25 meters from the entrance.
Wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities for people with disabilities are located on the ground floor of the "Gebläsehalle" and in the Museum Foyer Container. The door is opened on its own.

More information here!


Access by bike is possible up to the cash desks. We ask you to park and secure your two-wheelers in front of the ticket office. Bicycles are not permitted on the location for safety reasons.


Camping / staying overnight is not permitted on the event site. There are two campsites nearby in Hattingen:

Campsite An der Kost,


Ruhrbrücke campsite,

There are other places to stay here!

Catering / ⁠ catering options

There is a wide range of food options on the grounds of the LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte. In addition to the "Henrichs" restaurant on the first floor of the museum, there is a large selection of menus on the location at attractive prices.


Children up to 6 years of age visit SCHÖNE STERNE free of charge. Children from 6-17 years pay 5.00 Euros.

Clubs & IGs

This year we want to give all Mercedes fans the chance to be part of SCHÖNE STERNE. Therefore we do not offer any reserved areas this year! Whoever comes first looks for his place. Of course you can buy tickets again in advance, but please do not keep any places free for participants who want to stop by for an hour at lunchtime. The rush gets bigger every year and we do our best to ensure that all participants with Mercedes vehicles find a place!



Via the Motorway (Autonbahn) A 43, exit Witten-Herbede, Blankensteiner Straße towards Hattingen and then follow the signs "Route der Industriekultur: Henrichshütte". There are sufficient free parking spaces around the Henrichshütte for visitors with cars.

Route planner via Google Maps

Disclaimer of liability

The SCHOENE STERNE team, the organizer E-Mags Media GmbH and all persons in the organization team assume no liability for damage caused during this event. Every single person acknowledges that entering this area and the entire event is at your own risk!


Dogs may be taken outside on a leash - with the exception of the playground. However, dogs are not allowed in the buildings. Dogs can be brought to SCHÖNE STERNE if they are not sensitive to noise and if they are large crowds tolerate. Leashes are compulsory on the entire event site. Dog feces must be removed and disposed of in the waste bin.


The use of drones or the like is not permitted for safety reasons.

Further information at

Entrance for visitors

Visitor Tickets ("Besucher") for SCHOENE STERNE are available in advance sales and at the gates. The gates are open at the opening times given here.

Adults ("Erwachsene") € 10.00 *
Children and adolescents ("Jugendliche") from 6 to 17 years and pupils € 5.00 *
Free admission for children (Kinder) under 6!

*Museum admission included!

Environmental zone

We have good news for Mercedes fans who want to visit the Mercedes event SCHÖNE STERNE in Hattingen: The SCHÖNE STERNE event on the grounds of the LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte in Hattingen is NOT in the Ruhr environmental zone - which you can only enter with a green one "Umweltplakette" is allowed to drive in. The site can be easily reached via the A43 motorway without having to drive through the conversion zone.

Fire / barbecue / shisha

The use of open flames and barbecues is prohibited! Shishas, ​​disposable or camping grills are prohibited! Violations will be punished with dismissal!

Flyer distribution / ⁠ advertising

On the location of the LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte Hattingen, it is not permitted to distribute flyers and advertising unannounced, or to attach or stick them to vehicles. Violations of this prohibition will result in a calculation of cleaning fees and a fine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone at +49-201-843 749-0.

GPS address

Henrichshütte LWL Industrial Museum
Werksstrasse 31-33
D-45527 Hattingen

Hazard warnings

The design of the museum grounds with the museum buildings is based on historical specifications and therefore does not always correspond to the security standards commonly used in other areas today. Inadequate lighting, steep stairs, low railings, uneven floor coverings, etc. therefore require particular caution. For design reasons, these danger points are not indicated everywhere by warning signs.

House rule

The road traffic regulations, the general safety instructions and the house rules of the organizer apply to the entire event site.


The accommodation directory from Hattingen Marketing is sure to find the right overnight accommodation for your stay in Hattingen.


see -press-

Local public transport

Bus stop "Hattingen Henrichshütte". From Bochum Main Station (HBF) with the lines CE 31 and SB 37. From "Hattingen-Mitte" with the bus lines 558, SB 37, CE 31. In H"attingen-Mitte" there is a "S-Bahn" rail connection direction to Essen Main Station (HBF) (line 3).
Timetable information at

Opening times gates

Saturday & Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

No entry into the event site can take place before the gates opens. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed away.

Parking for visitors

There are sufficient free parking spaces around the Henrichshütte for visitors with cars. Please note: vehicles that park in the designated no-parking zones will be towed away for a fee. There are six signposted parking spaces for people with disabilities, 25 meters from the entrance.

Participant tickets

The participant tickets ("Teilnehmer", Car inkl. Driver) can be ordered online. The Ticket Sale starts in Spring. Participant tickets are also available at the gates at the participant entrance. A participant ticket is valid for the driver and vehicle, passengers buy a visitor / passenger ticket ("Besucher") for adults ("Erwachsene") or adolescents ("Jugendliche") (6-17 years).

Photo and film recordings

Photo and film recordings are of course permitted for private purposes. Commercial photo and film recordings are only permitted with written approval. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at  or by phone at +49-201-843 749-0.


Journalists have the opportunity to obtain accreditation in advance of the event. Please contact us via e-mail at so that we can deposit your documents at the visitor entrance. Please understand that we only accredit holders of official press cards or editorial legitimations clearly specified to SCHÖNE STERNE, this also applies to on-site accreditation!

Show & Shine stage

Anyone who wants to present their Mercedes to the audience can do so on the SCHÖNE STERNE Show & Shine stage also called "Roter Teppich" (red carpet). You don't have to do anything else to do this, except to queue up with your car.

Ticket control

Ticket fraud is not worthwhile, nor is it gentleman-like. The registration number must be noticed at each participant ticket before leaving the site, otherwise re-entry is not possible.

Upon request, visitors will receive an admission ribbon or stamp to return to the site before leaving the site. The organizer reserves the right to carry out checks even after entering the event site.


A jury of experts will examine the vehicles that have arrived on Sunday and award over 50 trophies. ALL vehicles on the field between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. will be rated! The finalists will receive a special ribbon and will be called to the cup ceremony! There is still only one category and the "Top 50" from all model years and series will be selected. In addition, this year there will be the trophy for the longest journey and the editor's pick and three special cups specially initiated for the 50s, 60s and 70s. Registration is not required!

Toilets / Restrooms

Sanitary facilities are available on the location and are signposted. These are located next to the museum foyer (opposite the Henrichs beer garden on platform 1), near the participant exit gate 6 and in a container at the quarry.
Toilets for people with disabilities can also be found next to the museum foyer.


The road traffic regulations applies to the entire event site. Of course, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is expressly prohibited! In order not to endanger other visitors, walking pace is compulsory in the area! No burnouts! Under no circumstances may the vehicles block the routes (escape routes) or obstruct the entrances and exits. The instructions of personnel are to obey!


There are sufficient garbage cans on the site - waste must be thrown into the containers provided for this purpose.

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