24. April 2011 13:36 (vor über 7 Jahren)
Since Michael Schumacher's return some of the drivers are giving Michael a good welcome while others are not very pleased by his return. I am glad he is back and feel his passion and hoping to get another world title. last year of his return in 2010 was not a very good season for Michael but it seems much brighter this year. as always he tries very hard to get more positions on the grid, he seems more relaxed compared to last season he looked very pensive and a bit edgy.
  • 26. April 2018 17:07 (vor einem Monat)
    Hi Schumachergirl,
    i guess you had a hard time after all what happened.
    Hope your doing fine:)
    Nevermind Ferarris are sttill looking good in the F1! ...and on nomal streets aswell obviously:)